About me – Kierra Audrin

Hi, I am Kierra Audrin, I am A Multidimensional Energy Worker, Psychic, Yoga Teacher, Life And Business Coach For The Awakened Leader!

I am a Certified Reiki Master, Certified Yoga teacher in Pueblo CO, I offer 1:1 coaching, group spiritual development courses as well as business courses and accredited certification courses for healers, as you are seeking on your path you deserve to be with real healers, trainers and coaches who are serving you with the utmost high.

I offer quantum 5D money activations, Light Body activation and Psychic spot energy healing to easily program your energy field for money manifestation.

If you are old soul, gifted with a special connection to the stars, Indigo children or spiritually awaken or going thought spiritual awakening, I am Helping Intuitive Leaders Spiritually Heal, Awaken Their Gifts

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