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Kierra will listen and provide action steps around one area of growth in personal or professional life. You will learn how to work with her as best fits your individual needs to accomplish your goals.

The design of our 20-minute call looks like this:

First 10 minutes I hear about how I can help your present situation around your gifts, purpose, and/or business.

Last 10 minutes we strategize and I share how I can help.


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Yoga, mantra meditaiton and kirtan (24).

what people are saying…


Dear fellow seekers, 

I was blessed with a recent psychic reading from Kierra King. She has several areas of expertise she offered including but not limited to yes or no questions which I was most interested in. She is extremely gifted in so many ways. She included chakra energy blocks from childhood issues to current aspirations of standing in feminine grace with overwhelming odds. She confirmed my own guidance as well as allowed me to see obvious misgivings I refused to see because of deep hurts. All this to help me lean into the shifts taking place for my and my children’s highest good. Her insight led me to consider viable work to be done both emotionally and mentally in nature as well as spiritual realms. I know her work to be true, sincere, and from her sweetest nature of healing love. 

​With sincere regard and highest recommendation, 

​Amy Gray, Pueblo, CO, USA

Hey! So I wanted to tell you really quick…You said my energy work would probably take up to 12 days. Well, it’s been a few days past that and I have to tell you! My gifts and how I do readings for people has completely changed for the better. 

( a few days later)

I have four people wanting to book with me! I just offered my first online course like you said I would, and I’ve already got two people enrolled and paid! It’s only been like 45 minutes since I announced!​

– Hollie Renea, Denver, CO, USA​

Hollie booked one session (psychic reading and energy work + activations) !

Hi Kierra, 

​Thank you so much for the call today, you have truly ignited something and it resonated with me deeply. ​

I appreciate your work. ​

I look forward to working with you soon. ​

​(free strategy call)​

– Anonymous, South Africa