Meet Kierra


I’m Kierra. I’m a multidimensional energy worker, life + business coach and yoga teacher. 

Since my gifts opened up at a rapid rate at the age of 14 I have been dedicated to the healing arts. I have come to understand we can change our lives and heal through higher consciousness by accessing to Creator’s energy. It wasn’t until I lost mobility to walk after birthing my third child, I truly understood our power.  

I made the choice after I healed myself and re-birthed my business I would help others do the same…

I think we all have access to The feeling of knowing there is more to life than what we’ve been shown. Maybe you’ve been through a spiritual awakening or just deep down knew you’ve been created for more and long to express The energy of your soul!

I remember yearning to connect with the highest expression of my being, in truth, I think we’re all figuring it out. Sometimes we reach a point when we need a bit of support so we can access deeper healing, clear our blind spots and take action on that higher-path. 

I know that has been true for me and thank goodness for my mentors over the years, the wise ones who walked before me. 

As for many, pain is a teacher; but so is love, grace, spiritual clarity and divine inspiration.

I had to look at myself in 2018 seeing where my life was headed…Mother of 3,  happily married to Larry, no income and losing mobility to walk properly, I filed for disability.

I was giving up on that feeling i had been holding onto since a kid. That deep knowing there was more for me, for us all. 

I leaned into the pain and the grace. I re-birthed my business and took my skillset online. I learned from the ground up. 

Now I have a thriving business, help others do the same and I ditched the disability claim!

but really, the soul had taken flight and this reality can be yours too. 

Here’s what i want you to know about me and how this really all started.

ever since a profound spiritual and supernatural awakening occurred in my life at the age of 14 (2003), Everything I beleived turned upside down. I was going to be a youth pastor and the creator took me another route. at age 14 i was channeling, seeing other realms, empathic and by age 17 had natural healing abilites. It was a confusing time, no doubt. I had no mentor and thought i was cursed. 

I was ridiculed, shunned for my gifts and lost meaningful relationships. It’s challenging to follow your intuiton and heart-of-hearts but, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Because of these experiences I have deep compassion for those who have spontaneous awakenings and for spiritual seekers who know there’s more to life.

The growth and true opening to the highest expression is the application!

This is why I not only help intuitive people access deeper healing and awaken their gifts but help mentor spiritual entrepreneurs to build their business. 


 we owe it to one another in building a world that sustains our soul growth.

We deserve to access our highest expressions and bring our visions to life!

Do you feel the same,  but you just don’t know where to start?

Or are you already on ‘the journey’ but desire support in your spiritual healing, awakening your gifts or birthing your spiritual business? 

It is my specialty to assist you to step into your power through psychic life/business coaching, multidimensional energy healing,  and certification courses so you can be more productive and reach your goals.  

what often paralyses us is fear and doubt but wE can shift this and expedite the process to accomplishing your goals. 

When you work with me you learn how to recognize, accept and cultivate your unique spiritual gifts, learn strategies to commit to your values, so you can create an active lifestyle of self-love, stillness; uncovering the master within.

I offer you a truly sacred, safe, no-judgment zone in which you can expand and develop.

I’m aware of your individual spiritual needs so we can work in safety as you transform.

Nothing we do is a cookie-cutter process. 

More about me:

  • I am a Registered Holistic Practitioner
  •  Yoga/Yin Yoga Instructor
  •  Women’s Red Tent Facilitator
  •  Usui Reiki Teacher since 2009 
  •  Integrated Energy Practitioner
  • Feminine Vaginal Steam Practitioner
  •  Life Coach
  • I have worked with hundreds of people in my local community and over the world and have an excellent track record.

Awakening your gifts does not have to be hard or scary. 

Commitment to the higher path does not have to be confusing or draining. 

Possibly birthing your business can be easy and take off with strategy and energy tuning. 

I believe all is accessed within if you are able to cultivate discipline,  stillness, and allowance in being malleable…of course, a little love and support goes a long way!

I believe you possess infinite possibilities. 

at the beginning of 2019, I turned my journey of trauma, domestic violence, pain, homelessness, addiction, and various other soul lessons into nourishment, sustenance, and embraced more of the higher path. 

So can you!

I also enjoy the mountains, purple flowers, foraging wild food with my husband, playing with my three children, body painting and modeling. I am an advocate for freedom and shifting the collective consciousness toward global peace. I also provide galactic shift updates  for your spiritual advancement during the shift of the ages via YouTube, on the soul awakened leaders podcast and on FaceBook. 

from my soul to yours,