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 I discovered yoga at the age of 18 in my hometown Pueblo, CO.

Like many beginners, I felt great after the first class and wanted more.

In hindsight, the science of yoga helped me heal an eating disorder at this time in my life. I knew there was healing taking place but couldn’t find the words to describe my experience, but I was hooked and continued practicing.

Fast forward 11 years and 3 kids later; I lost mobility to walk in 2018 after the birth of my last baby.

I knew I had one choice and it was to apply the fundamentals of yoga; conscious breathing.

Having a yoga practice helped me understand how to move the breath and energy inside my body. I also married the thousands of hours of being an energy healer and bodyworker to the body for healing.

For 2 months I applied hours of abdominal breathing, mudra and mantra meditation while in a recliner.

I was able to rehabilitate back to teaching in late 2019!

This experience birthed a love of japa mantra meditation and kirtan.

I am devoted to helping others experience a conscious connection to prana- the life force the energy woven through our being.

I currently study Kirtan with The Kirtan Institute based in Colorado.

I have been providing yoga classes since 2014 and continuing education since 2019.  In 2014 I graduated from Root:Center of Sacred Studies in Colorado Springs, CO and studied Yin yoga in 2017.

I am devoted to helping other soul seekers create a conscious connection to the Divine through a devoted yoga practice.

We can practice together in studio or online via Nova Stella Yoga based out of Pueblo, Colorado.

How to join ONLINE and what you need to know from Nova Stella Yoga PUEBLO, CO!

All you need is access to the internet (phone, computer, tablet) and your mat if you want.

-You will need access to Zoom via an internet browser.

click here to access Zoom or the free Zoom app (see attached picture below)
Our zoom link is

-Early sign up/register is required through MINDBODY Online at or the FREE mobile app (see picture)

-Sign up for class/meditations will close 20 minutes before class starts.

-You will receive an email with a link to connect you to the live class via Zoom. All students will receive this email 10-15 minutes before class/meditation starts.

-Drop-in class/meditation are $5 for EVERYONE, except Unlimited Members in which they already have paid for the full month. Previously purchased active class pack expiration dates will be extended based on the number of days our studio doors are physically closed.

THANK YOU for being flexible with us as we work through this together. We are dedicated to offering as much as possible to create normalcy and peace within. Our teachers have been OMazing throughout the process and we are grateful for their dedication and support through this time. As a community, we are stronger together. We WILL get through this by doing what we do best.

Namaste, Amie, Amanda, and Melissa

Nova Stella Yoga Co-founders and Owners

TIPS: For those who like to use props. Do not worry you have plenty of “props” at home, they just look a little different. See below for a list of options.

  • A yoga mat is always optional, you can also use a rug or towel

  • In place of a block try books or a water bottle

  • A straps try a towel or your mat strap

  • For bolsters roll up a blanket or two or try some towels rolled up

  • For your eye mask use a hand towel

  • If you want weights of Stella Barre or Stell Strong canned goods or bottles or water work well

See you in class!


Kierra King